Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Value of a Career Counsellor

One of my key areas of interest is finding better ways to help people make career transitions, particularly from school to work. Traditionally, this kind of transition has been facilitated by the school's career center and/or career counsellors. Considering the number of kids who come out of high school and college with no real direction or sense of what they have to offer, you'd think that would be a pretty important role.

Gwen sent me this job posting today. The University of North Carolina is hiring a full-time Career Development Counselor with a masters degree. The list of responsibilities is extensive and demanding. The salary range? $27,038 - $31,000, which basically means that the supply of qualified applicants is too high, and/or that the demand for career counsellors is very low. Sure seems undervalued to me.

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