Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Thinking About the Purpose of Education

Chris Corrigan bounces off of Doug's comments about the absurdity of assuming that every kid should be going to university after high school for a four-year degree. I liked Doug's approach, but Chris takes it to a deeper level:
"The most important thing we can offer children, whether in school or not, is an ongoing reflective conversation that facilitates their own understanding of their own learning style. This meta-learning trumps all the content we can stuff into their skulls because it encourages them to engage with the act of making meaning out of the world, a critical skill for evaluating one's own place in society, and the contexts in which one operates."
Robert Paterson was thinking along similar lines a couple of weeks ago (and I like Chris's simple comment there too) when he wrote: "What would it be like to acknowledge that a child has everything he needs within him and that society's great task is to help him find his true self?" Ahh, I'm a sucker for big questions like that....

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