Friday, April 23, 2004

Serge Ravet on European E-Portfolios and the Future

Serge Ravet gave an excellent short presentation (PDF) related to e-portfolio development in Europe. He seemed to have the clearest vision of the future of e-portfolios, rather than focusing on the present storage/reflection functions. He had a couple of slides (page 10 and 11) with some points that really jumped out at me, asking us to think of e-portfolios as a suite of services leading to specific, tangible benefits, rather than as tools or products for their own sake:
  • "My Dashboard” might give me an informative display of the current state of my skills and knowledge
  • “My Planner” takes into account what I know (and can do), matches it up with what I want to accomplish, and helps me plan my learning
  • “My IPR management assistant” could be seen as a tool to value, share and exploit my personal assets, intellectual property or artifacts
  • The “socialite portfolio” is one way of viewing the intersection between your online identity, connections to other people's identities, and the content/artifacts/comments that define learning and knowledge.
  • Like all good consultants, his vision has a handy acronym: TOUCH -- Transparency (show me yours, I’ll show you mine), Opacity (access, privacy), Ubiquitous (online, mobile), Celebration of achievements (value individual assets), Holistic (maintain a global view of the individual: reunites my digital self).
I thought that most of it was really strong stuff, and sent me back into Stephen's semantic social network and my subsequent musings on the topic.

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