Monday, March 15, 2004

Technology in K-12

Are We There Yet?
This research was completed in 2002 for the National School Boards Foundation to assess technology integration in the public school system. Lots of interesting nuggets, many underpinning the frustrations I've heard from teachers in my recent courses: they don't get professional development for tech integration and tech decisions are being made at the top (out of touch with the needs of the front lines). A few quotes:
  • Almost 30 percent of school leaders believe that at least one in five students soon will receive a substantial portion* of their instruction over the Internet.
  • More than half of school leaders report that students are providing technical support in their districts. Often, they are assuming major responsibilities.
  • Despite the rapid advances in technology and the expected increase in online learning in the coming years, decisions on technology policies and budget allocations remain in the hands of a few.
  • They are looking for standards-based resources (64 percent), online assessment and test preparation (59 percent), standards-based report cards (50 percent), and Web-based portfolios (48 percent).
At the end, they also offer some guidelines for better technology integration. They're fleshed out quite well, but here are just the bullet points:
  • Treat technology as an integral tool for instruction and administration — not as an add-on.
  • Use the Internet for core educational priorities that matter most to student achievement.
  • Invest significantly in professional development for school leaders and teachers.
  • Anticipate and plan for the changes that increased use of the Internet will bring to schools.
  • Broaden community involvement in school technology policies and practices.

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