Monday, March 15, 2004

Faceted Browse and Info Retrieval

Information architecture just isn't very exciting...but it's extremely important and I need to stay on top of the latest methodologies in the field. Tons of good stuff linked from the IA Summit schedule, including Keith Instone's faceted browse presentation. We do a fairly complex faceted browse in one of our products, to help people find careers that meet their criteria: show me careers paying $50,000, using a degree in education, suiting someone artistic and investigative, with good job-growth potential. The one we've got works pretty good, but I like Keith's sequential narrowing technique. More clicks, but simplified.

Along similar lines Mathemagenic posted this little blurb about the difficulty of designing good information structures. Sobering, but I suspect those numbers are pretty close to the mark. Great follow-up discussion as well. Ever try to find a file in someone else's personal folders (organized perfectly logically to them, of course)?

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