Thursday, July 24, 2003

Teaching Perspectives

Another assessment, except this one measures your approach to teaching and education. Since I'm not teaching, I had to fudge it a bit, but the results are still fascinating. You could take it while thinking "if I was a teacher..." and find out some interesting things about yourself.

Not surprisingly, I ended up with nearly the lowest possible score on Transmission. Even in my student teaching, I refused to "perform" for the class -- I'm a terrible lecturer and I think it's mostly useless. I was way high on Developmental: "effective teaching must be planned and conducted 'from the learner's point of view'". Next highest was Nurturing, which I think I wish I was. All the questions related to nurturing had to do with helping students succeed, give them self-esteem, focusing on their strengths -- those are things that I know are important, and I wish I could do better, but it certainly doesn't come naturally...another reason I'm not a teacher.

I think I was more honest about Apprenticeship, which I also believe is important, but probably wouldn't do very well. That may be because I don't think it should be the teacher modelling all behaviour, but it's pretty hard to get appropriate mentors for every student. Social Change was down the list a bit...perhaps I need to read more Adbusters again to get my activism fires stoked up again.

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