Thursday, July 24, 2003

Growing Up Digital

In my web-based-learning design course, we've been looking at this quote from Don Tapscott:
"Growing up is about learning. The Net Generation are beginning to process information and learn differently than the boomers.... The destination is different and so is the route the kids must take."
Some of my teacher-classmates are actually disagreeing with the statement, basically implying that kids are kids, and talking at them will continue to help them learn for many generations. I started one post on the message board with something like: "well, I'm not sure how to respond, since I disagree with your entire educational philosophy..." Kind of inflammatory, I suppose, but I just couldn't let it go unchallenged.

Gwen at work has helped me see just how different kids are processing information now. One of the best papers she discovered through a conference she attended at Berkeley, and I found it inspirational. Bizarrely enough, it has the same title as the book by Tapscott, but this one is by John Seely Brown: Growing Up Digital (pdf). One of the best insights is the description of a new evolving definition of literacy he's calling information navigation, and kids are already doing it without thinking.

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