Thursday, August 03, 2006

Self-Directed Learning Terms

Any time you start studying something new, you realize pretty quickly that each area of interest has its own unique vocabulary. It's challenging to sort it all out, especially when individuals in each field seem to be intent on inventing new labels and terms for their own pet theories and ideas that aren't really that different from existing ones. In looking at self-directed learning, I found this very helpful list of Most Frequently Used Self-Directed Terms and Concepts, showing the main "Terms, Acronyms, and Concepts In All Books followed by Total Times Used" from ten years of research in the field:
  • Autodidactic (learning) 85 (2) Derivative 124
  • Autonomous learning 56 (2) Derivative 36
  • Learning projects 231 (149)
  • OCLI (Oddi Continuous Learning Inventory) 102 (15)
  • SDLR (Self-directed learning readiness) 188
  • SDLRS (Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale) 1299 (35)
  • Self-directed learner 436 (59)a
  • Self-directed learning 2833 (502)
  • Self-direction in adult learning 104 (2)
  • Self-direction in learning 82 (24)
  • Self-education 105 (5)
  • Self-efficacy 107b
  • Self-planned learning 118 (41)
  • Self-taught adults 109 (2)


Selma said...

Exactly what I was looking for. I just started an SDL project trying to learn about Instructional Design! I think I found the right person!! Keep in touch!

BFU rector said...

This also presents an interesting key word list. These might be good topics for new reports.