Thursday, August 10, 2006


Artichoke's writing is seriously mindbending stuff. Check out this wickedly smart post: Why we will struggle to enculturate the key competencies. A quote:
"As any student will tell you our schools are not about preparing students to 'live a good life in a well functioning society' through the key competencies, and the current MoE focus on introducing them is exposing this. As one student claimed this year, 'how can schools be about developing student understanding of "managing self", when all they offer us at school is the "experience of being managed by others"?'"
This isn't just a throwaway criticism of the education system, though -- as boring and irrelevant as "competencies" sound, they are a valid attempt to balance the reach of curriculum with personal goals and skill development. In the process of exploring these ideas, Artichoke invokes some classic Gatto and links to one of my favourite interviews of all time: "Truth, Beauty, and Goodness: Education for All Human Beings" with Howard Gardner. Worth digging into...

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