Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thesis Concept Map

I've been struggling a bit with my literature review this week, mostly because I get overwhelmed by the possibilities when I start following rabbit trails. My challenge is to narrow the scope and not go so deep on every topic. To help me focus, I've done another concept map showing my main areas (goal-setting/motivation, social learning and self-directed learning), along with subtopics and influential authors for each.

A few people pointed to Gliffy a couple of weeks ago, and I remembered to try it when I needed to do this concept map this week. It makes it so easy to create diagams online -- you don't have to download any software, the interface is slick and intuitive, exporting and saving is easy, it's got a collaborative workspace...methinks this one is a winner. Makes you wonder if anyone will be purchasing basic software five years from now.


Tony Karrer said...

I think the answer to whether people will be installing software in five years is "a lot less" ... There's more and more examples like the one you've pointed to where its apparent that shrink-wrap is going away. See:

eLearning Technology: The Business Web

Jeremy said...

Agreed, Tony. Thanks for the link.