Monday, June 05, 2006

More on Personal Learning Environments

Although I haven't been posting much lately, I've still been following the ongoing discussion on personal learning environments. Of particular interest were Graham Attwell's in-depth coverage and this PLE wiki page initiated and maintained by Mark van Harmelen.


Mark van Harmelen said...

Maybe Personal Learning Environments by Mark van Harmelen (rather than by JITT)?

JITT (for Just in Time Teaching) was just the name of a wiki we had lying around unused on a macine in Manchester and we started using it for the London Knowledge Lab Social Software Workshop Series.

Seeing as we were talking about social software and PLEs in that workshop series the wiki seemed a good place to start posting stuff in advance of the recent (June 2006) CETIS meeting on PLEs.

Jeremy said...

Sorry, I did go hunting around the site looking for a name -- at that time there was no attribution, and it looks like it was added shortly afterwards (according to the wiki history).

Jeremy said...

btw, it looks like it has become a fantastic resource! I hadn't clicked back in to see how much good stuff had been added.