Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Extinction Management

Given that I'm going for this M.Ed IT degree, it's not particularly encouraging to see smart, focused people in the community deciding to quit good jobs in educational technology for all the right reasons.

Update: Forgot to include a pointer to Brian's excellent post, which is how I originally found my way to John's site. I found his take on exits from education jobs interesting, too:
"However, having teaching degrees and experience on a resume is not a particularly useful thing outside of education. Many wind up following a path in consulting, or embrace a life of entrepreneurship."
My path is probably pretty non-traditional, taking an education degree into web development without any teaching experience, but I've seen teachers struggle with the transition out of schools. After all, many of them have been in school (as a student, university student and then teacher) for nearly their entire lives!).

Brian also eloquently tied together two other posts I had already saved in Bloglines with Transformation: Stephen Downes and Will Richardson -- powerful stuff.


Brian said...

This has captured my attention as well. Immersion into lifestylism:-)

Jeremy said...

I had saved your initial post, then blogged John's piece and forgot to point back to yours. Updated now...

And yes, it's loaded with lifestylism -- people aligning their lifestyles (especially work, in these cases) with their values. I love it.