Thursday, December 01, 2005

Model of Collaboration

One more before my brain explodes from reading. Recognising and promoting collaboration in an online asynchronous discussion sounds like the others I looked at tonight, but this one covers the creation of an analytical tool to classify the types of posts in an online discussion -- she calls it a model of collaboration. It's more complex than what I was envisioning for my analysis, but provides a great starting point for thinking about what exactly I'm trying to find out about how people are learning in 43 Things.

After looking at the six stages in Dr. Murphy's model and thinking about the types of interaction I've seen on 43 Things learning goals so far, I'd say that most of the interactions would fall under the "social presence" and "articulating individual perspectives" levels on the pyramid. I've seen evidence of collaboration that could be placed in the upper levels, and those are certainly the threads I'm most interested in...but they're not the norm. It sounds like they found the same trends in the online discussions they analyzed in the context of courses.

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