Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lit Review 1

I'm working on the literature review of the literature related to my new thesis topic. This is my way of assigning myself reading over the next little while. I'm seeing that the main common thread may be self-organized social learning:I'd also like to get a copy of this PDF if someone has it kicking around -- Online self-organizing social systems: The decentralized future of online learning -- the link appears to be dead right now. The intro sounds promising:
"In this article we discuss such an innovation, the online self-organizing social system (OSOSS). Briefly described, the OSOSS structure allows large numbers of individuals to self-organize in a highly decentralized manner in order to solve problems and accomplish other goals. The OSOSS structure is neither an instructional design theory (such as those described by Reigeluth, 1999) nor an application or Internet protocol (such as Netscape or HTTP). However, due to its distributed and highly decentralized nature, the authors feel that the OSOSS structure could prove as disruptive to traditional notions of online learning as Napster proved to traditional conceptions of the Internet...."

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