Monday, August 15, 2005

Does College Matter?

Last month, Kathy asked Does College Matter?, then answered her question a bit later: College Matters...Sometimes. Both posts are excellent, with loads of solid comments to keep the conversation going. I liked her take on some alternative options:
"Maybe there should be third-party 'learning designers' who you pay to plan and choose the best options and put together a perfectly tailored custom program from a variety of learning vendors (instead of throwing all your learning eggs into one school basket) that still includes some general education, but in the way that makes the most sense for that particular student, and uses both online, distance, and *some* face-to-face learning. If a parent (and more importantly, the student) thinks that leaving home is important, that can be a component as well (although I'm still voting for the crash-course with a backpack and a rail pass thing). The students could go to a kind of "advanced learning camp" that could be anything from an off-campus dorm (complete with cafeteria), or something more primitive."
Rob wrote a related bit about the financial implications and expectations surrounding the college dream. He and Cyn also questioned how well the education system is preparing kids for a changing world. Lots of good big-picture ideas floating around.

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