Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Birthday to It (again)

I missed this blog's birthday, making my general neglect of it all the more apparent. Unlike last year's blog birthday angst (and the lengthy follow-up), I'm not feeling strongly about the process or the product of what's been happening here. As I look through the posts, I see that it's mostly turned into a link blog, which reflects the lack of time I've devoted to it and is closer to what I started doing two years ago. I'm figuring out that my interests in this field are pretty narrow, and not often shared by many others, which is fine.

Part of what I hoped to do last year was focus some blogging energy on more specific projects with more tangible outcomes, and I've done that in the past year. I've collected a year's worth of material for my thesis project in my lifestylism blog, and started a community blogging experiment that turned into a citizens' association web site. Both of these projects have been satisfying, and I'm realizing that this blog is still important to me for different reasons.

To those of you who are still reading, thanks for coming along for the ride and staying in touch.

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