Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Will on Fire

I can't believe the quantity and quality of writing coming out of a few of the bigger-named edubloggers lately. Will Richardson in particular has really been on fire, throwing wisdom around like it's going out of style. Highlights:
  • A quote I loved, because it articulates simply in 21 words what I tried to say in a thousand words: "I write my blog because I wish that things were different, and I'm thinking about how to make them that way."
  • The Case Against Textbooks: You can't share it in any meaningful way...You can't have the most up to date information about the topic...You can't edit it...etc. It all seems quite absurd when you consider the costs.
  • More reflection on the big questions: "The question is how long will it take us to see the growing irrelevance of the traditional system of education and seriously rethink what we do in the classroom to make learning more meaningful to our students. Right now, it's feeling like this mountain is pretty darn high..."

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