Monday, February 07, 2005

Our Media and Digital Lifestyle Aggregators

Marc Canter's stuff about new web applications and the business of the web is always interesting, even when I can't figure out how it necessarily applies to anything I'm doing or thinking about. In the last few days, he had a couple of posts that stood out. The first was his link to someone who's understanding and articulating what he's trying to do with his digital lifestyle aggregator concept.

The second post is obviously related, revealing a bit more about his plans for How does this sound for a sweeping vision?
"Folks will be able to upload video, audio, images and text - attach all sorts of meta-data and tags to their published work - and then share it within a community - using internal messages, buddies, forums, personal pages - yes - that's right - a social network for media trading and sharing. CC licenses are built in, storing it all at the Internet Archives - free, free - absolutely free. Free storage. Free bandwidth. Free culture."
So if it works as well as it sounds it might, why couldn't it be used to run courses and create e-portfolios? It sounds like David's learning landscape application (elgg), but on a potentially massive scale.

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