Saturday, November 20, 2004

UBC E-Portfolio Day...Reflecting on Reflecting

I just returned from Vancouver after attending the latest e-portfolio conference at UBC. I took a few pages of notes that I'll be mucking through and posting in the next week or so, but I wanted to take note of some of the wonderful people I met. And I must say that the UBC facilities and campus completely blew my mind.

The day was organized by the talented Kele Fleming, although I'm sure Director Michelle Lamberson must also have been pulling some strings behind the scenes. Tracey Penny-Light and David Tosh presented and drank beer with me both nights, and Helen Barrett did the excellent keynote, graciously staying late with a few us to talk shop after a long day.

We heard about a fascinating course, an e-portfolio implementation with first-year pharmacy students, and Helen Chen was wired in from Stanford to talk about a cool project they're doing with first-year design students. Finally, we got to hear from a few students who have been forced to do e-portfolios or are part of related projects at UBC, which was quite insightful. One of the late highlights was meeting learning object dude and fellow edtech blogger Brian Lamb. Now to sleep, before I have to think about or type e-po*&%$#s one more time.

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