Friday, November 26, 2004

Sunchild E-Learning (again)

I linked to this Sunchild E-Learning site earlier in the year, but bumped into it again this week. The coolest thing about their online learning model for First Nations students is that the entire thing is self-paced. There are instructors for synchonous learning, but if you miss a couple of weeks, everything is archived and you can work through what you missed at your own pace. I've often complained about the rigidity and irrelevance of most curriculum, but if students (including adult learners) were allowed to move through the curriculum when it suited them, that takes away one of my main objections. From there, it may only be a short step to throwing out the curriculum and letting people learn about whatever is most meaningful to them.

The video (7-minute Windows Media 9) is worth a watch if you're interested in these sorts of things. I was also noticing the heavy-hitting list of sponsors along the bottom of the page -- is this the future of education?

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