Thursday, September 23, 2004

Education's Coolhunter

I Want to Grow Up to Be Education's Coolhunter
Well, I don't really, but I thought that the title of the article was interesting. It's actually advice to education vendors about trends and opportunities in education, from market data whizzes MDR. They list eight "hot buttons for education marketers to push in the K-12 school market" this year in the U.S.:

1. The sizzling ELL (ESL) market
2. Specialized communities of learning
3. The successful computer games market
4. Financial literacy
5. Presentation systems
6. Children's safety in schools
7. School construction spending
8. Commercial-transaction post-traumatic stress disorder (CTPTSD)

Some of the value in these kinds of lists are that they remind me that schools have all kinds of disparate needs, limited resources...and thousands of marketers clamoring for their attention.

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