Tuesday, July 20, 2004


As I've been warning since my recent blog/soul searching, I'm moving in a new direction with my online reading and writing. Instead of changing the focus on this site, I think I'll let it live for a while and decide its fate later.

So what's the new direction? I thought I had invented a word to describe it, but it turns out that it was already a word: lifestylism. Simply put, it's the study of lifestyle choices. At a deeper level, it might dig further into how and why people make (or don't make) the decisions that create their lifestyles over time. I'm proposing a holistic view of what constitutes a lifestyle, and I'm really curious about how people (especially young people) imagine and pursue their desired futures.

Learning (and yes, even education) can play a big role in how people self-actualize, creating opportunities and connections that wouldn't otherwise be possible -- technology also has a place in helping most of us figure out how we want to arrange our lives. So some of my old areas of interest will emerge in the new place as well, but with more focus on our desired paths through life and how we pursue those paths.

Consider this the beta version, since it's just an ugly Blogspot site for now. There's enough in there right now to give you a sense of where I'm going. Since this will likely be the basis of my masters thesis, I'd love to hear any recommendations you might have -- books, articles, interesting people, experiences -- related to this emerging concept of lifestylism. So here it is...drumroll please:

lifestylism: creating the lives we want
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