Monday, July 19, 2004


Gwen sent me some info on Lifeblog today, Nokia's system for turning a person's mobile phone records (text, voice, photos, calender entries, etc) into a digital archive on their computers. Interesting coverage from the BBC, including this little quote:
It will then populate a timeline with the information arranging it chronologically and annotating it with tags the phone records about when and where something was done.
I'm fond of the timeline approach. It's already inherent in the chronological order of blogs, but without the visual representation that could really make it sing. I'd be interested to see how a million or so Nokia users interacted with their digital histories. How often do they go back to read/view/listen to old entries? Will they be able to see changes in their interests, values and lifestyles over time? Will they be able to use their past experience to look out into the future with more confidence and creativity?

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