Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Digital Lifestyle Aggregator and 1up

I stumbled into this description of a digital lifestyle aggregator, courtesy of Marc Canter. He's involved in a fascinating collaboration (I doubt that many of these people are employees in the traditional sense -- corporate structure of the future?) called broadband mechanics. One of their projects is a gaming site called 1up. If it was just gaming news and reviews (maybe even message boards), it would be boring. But the way they've integrated social software and personal publishing for their members is fascinating. Check out this guy’s profile page,especially all of the links down the left side that connect him to everyone else sharing the same interests and characteristics. Now imagine that profile as a sort of e-portfolio, containing most of the stuff you cared about, things you were thinking about, connecting you to everyone else who wanted to learn the same things, helping you find the information and resources that would help you learn...

Via Seb, who could have combined the previous post with this fascinating description of a synchronicity engine:
"Something needs to capture way more channels of information about you than you normally bother paying conscious attention to. At least not at the same time. What people have been saying around you recently; what clothes you're wearing; what's on your bookshelf; all the people you know; all the subjects you're interested in; all the projects you're working on. And something needs to be matching all these items with other people's items, and items in your surroundings, as a background process."

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