Thursday, May 06, 2004

This Teaching Life

Scott Bulfin is doing wonderful things with blogs in his classes. This excellent English unit uses blogs to teach about blogs. The course blog becomes a makeshift LMS, creating quite a nice little class community that could reach beyond the school walls very quickly. Each student gets a blog for their assignments, which tend to be open-ended enough to give them some latitude to inject some of themselves into the process. Kieran's is probably representative of the average -- more than just jumping through hoops, but not writing volumes.

Hipteacher has also been discovered by the edubloggers this week. She's hip indeed, probably the kind of high school teacher we always wished we had. Young, independent and creative, with good taste in music and no fear of using technology, she makes you wonder how education will be transformed if we see a whole generation of teachers like her roll through the system.

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