Friday, May 07, 2004

Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training

I so wish that I had heard about this MADLaT conference at my alma mater in Winnipeg this week. I would have gone in a second, if only to see a few of the excellent presenters like Paul Little, who inspired me with this enthusiasm over coffee a few years back, Diane Janes, who has been the best instructor I've had in my masters program so far...never mind the always enlightening George Siemens presenting on Art of Blogging and summarizing a presentation by Stephen Downes'. I would have loved to discuss my administrative hassles with the head of student services in distance programs at Memorial, Bruce Belbin and get a refresher on e-portfolios from Lifia founder Kathryn Barker. Oh well, maybe next year.

As an aside, the Blogger spell-checker doesn't recognize the word "blogging", which is kind of funny. But not as funny as the word it suggests to replace it: "flogging". Seems sort of apt.

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