Friday, May 21, 2004

Gwen's Musings

My work partner Gwen is an extraordinary researcher with similar interests in education and design. Many of the links I've included here and blathered about were received from her. She's one of those natural bloggers who has been using e-mail to distribute resources and thoughts. I finally badgered her into starting her blog -- Musings about news, web sites and education.

One of her first posts is about a smart editorial in EdWeek proposing that all students should have individual education plans, which are currently reserved for special needs students:
"The law requires schools to provide special ed students with individual education programs because of their differences. Why shouldn’t every student have an IEP that addresses differences in strengths and weaknesses? When I suggested this to a middle school principal, he replied that schools are not structured to handle students as individuals with unique learning programs. And that’s exactly the problem. Since we can’t restructure kids, we need to restructure the system."

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