Monday, March 01, 2004

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy?

This somewhat disgruntled review of James Paul Gee's new book has some interesting thoughts about identity and learning:
"Gee argues that the identification with the avatar and the player's agency gives you a completely different experience than in other media. An experience that enhances learning as things becomes relevant and important on a concrete level in the game. It not something you 'just' learn in school more or less, and then move on. Here it is tested and perceived as important. It is also used in different settings and becomes more fully integrated into the student's way of understanding the world."
Although the critique seems to be based on the idea that the focus of the book isn't academic enough, I wouldn't be bothered by that -- it sounds like it would be worth checking out. Found this through Pat Kane, who was recently shocked by Joanne Jacobs' approach to kids, leisure and homework. I regularly disagree with her, but I figure you never learn anything if you only read stuff you agree with.

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