Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Beyond Educational Content

A good friend of mine is starting up a sideline business in e-learning and training. His first experimental project is the production of an instructional video (DVD) in one of his areas of interest. He's a smart guy and has a good team of likeminded folks helping him. They've invested in some equipment to produce different types of digital learning content.

He asked for my advice on the project and the premise, so I fired off a late-night e-mail. It loosely outlines my emerging beliefs about the business of e-learning. It's an unpolished attempt to pull together some of the threads I've been following from Stephen and George. My skepticism for any plan to sell educational content isn't new, but I'm trying to see better alternatives. This veers further into business than the usual education stuff, but like many others in the field, he's trying to find a way to make a living in this realm. Anyway, here it is: Beyond Educational Content.

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