Friday, November 21, 2003

Globalization of Learning and White-Collar Work

Stephen Downes had a couple of links that are sticking in my head today. Today's was about rich nations flunk in educating the poor. It's talking not only the poor in their own countries (which would be great too), but aid for education in developing nations. It's hard to argue against such an idea, particularly if you consider education to be a basic human right.

But meanwhile, well-educated young people from India and the Phillipines are lining up for white-collar jobs being exported from North America. Stephen also linked to an excellent essay: The Digital Death Rattle of the American Middle Class: A Cautionary Tale. I've been hearing about IT jobs being exported to India for a few years, but the article digs into that phenomenon and extends it into the future. Maybe globalization will only start to see real resistance in the West when the middle class realizes that their jobs aren't coming back.

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