Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I like the spirit of GamerDad, although the introductory blurb is kind of stuffy:
"GamerDad is here for parents (or anyone with children in their lives) curious about what games are appropriate and whether games are harmful."
The site is way more about games than about parenting, but adds a "Kid Factor" at the bottom of each review, like this one for Rise of Nations. It would be cool to also have a "Learning Factor", or something like that.

The reason the site works for me is the acknowledgement that dads can still have fun doing the things they've enjoyed doing in the past...but that it's extra fun if you can have fun doing those things with your kids. I recently did some research into sites for dads, and most of them seemed to be along the lines of ultra-earnest"how to be a loving, responsible parent" or support groups for dads who aren't coping.

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