Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Butterfly Gemini

How Hard is it for a High School Student?
This is an excellent post from an honest, reflective teacher who's questioning some of the basic premises of educating teenagers in schools. The implied comparison between the high-school experience and workplaces is interesting, and some of the comments address it further. It's not related to technology or instructional design...actually, I'm realizing that my last few entries don't either. I guess I'm in one of my back-up-and-try-to-see-the-big-picture phases again. A quote:
"Could you learn about seven different subjects each day, five days a week? Could you switch gears every forty-eight minutes to adjust to each of seven (and for some kids, eight) different teachers’ rules and routines?"
It's interesting that the person maintaining this wonderful blog has chosen to remain anonymous. As a reader, it initially feels like a loss to not know more about the writer, because a good blog draws you in and makes you wonder about the human behind the words. But the relative anonymity also lets her be more open about what's going on without offending the people and events she refers to. So for pure reflection, it's a bonus, but it's harder to become part of a network if you want to remain anonymous.

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