Thursday, August 07, 2003

WebQuest in Blogger

Last night I was starting to experiment with using Blogger to do a WebQuest for my group's Designing Web-Based Learning project. We had already outlined it in Inspiration, but the outline was pretty speculative. Then today, cogdogblog Alan brought up the idea from a MERLOT seminar he's in: MERLOT: CATS and WebQuests.

I'm pretty excited about our little project -- it's not a complete course, and doesn't require anything fancy...just a simple unit on web site usability for design students. Originally we were going to create it as a regular site, but who wants to be sending huge FrontPage files all over the continent for three weeks? Out of a blog, we (developers) can all use the same web interfact to edit and add material, and we're including student blogs as part of the unit, so students can blog their own resource finds and opinions. This also means that the teacher(s) could have each student set up an RSS feed, so the instructors could use an aggregator to monitor activity in the class. More on this later...

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