Sunday, June 01, 2003

How Could Career Planning be Interesting?

How do you make career planning remotely interesting to teenagers? I've been pondering this question a fair bit lately, and I'm not happy with my progress. The most recent phase of this process started with reading The Tipping Point, which didn't really help, except to emphasize the power of networks, and to try to conceptualize something that would build critical mass with teens and take off on its own. Easy to say...hard to do.

Then a couple of weeks ago, there was the discovery of Road Trip Nation, which seemed to have nailed it with rugged individualism, talking to successful people, encouraging kids to create their own excited me enough to order the book...but it assumes a highly motivated teen population that may or may not exist.

While I was sick the last few days, I finished A Tribe Apart, which convinced me that any software or site that might resonate with kids would have to actually address the things that concern them in the present: drugs, sex, relationships, desires. That's no great epiphany, except it means that a school would never pay for it.

Just rambling for now...more later, of course.

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